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This student film was scripted, produced and filmed in Naples, Florida during the coronavirus lockdown in spring, 2020. This short film explores the  journey of one family during the stay-at-home order and the gradual toll toward insanity it causes. The film uses a bare-bones cast and implements varying techniques to show the steady pace of isolation as the main character inches toward madness.

The film has been entered into several festivals in the student category, and will be judged later this year. The film was also done while on actual lockdown during the pandemic and needed a re-write for theme and actors.

The director's cut is featured above as Film Version 2 and has a running time of 12 minutes.

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As a family of three get caught in the middle of a global pandemic, the weight of isolation soon gets too much for them to handle. Will this family survive a global pandemic? Or will they be at the break of insanity? (Extended Version!)